January 26th, 2015

Eurocoms are proud to announce that we have once again been accredited by CHAS.CHAS-logo1

CHAS (Contractors Health And Safety) compliant registered contractor.

CHAS registration demonstrates our commitment and compliance with Health & Safety law throughout the organisation, protecting both our service users and staff.

Having been audited by a NEBOSH qualified Health & Safety professional, compliance with CHAS provides confidence to purchasers of our services that we meet CDM core criteria.

Our commitment to renewal further shows our determination to remain a high quality provider.


Please view our latest Structured Cabling Capability document…

December 4th, 2014

As we continue to expand our services and head count, we have updated our capability document for our structured cabling services.

Please view it by following the link… CABLING CAPABILITY.pdf

Eurocoms awarded the Exhibition Centre in Liverpool

November 19th, 2014

Eurocoms are very proud to announce we have been awarded the ICT infrastructure for the new Exhibition Centre in Liverpool.


This is the largest single contract Eurocoms has been awarded since the company was formed and reflects our commitment for continuous growth and success. Eurocoms are responsible for the design, installation and commissioning of the network installation for this £40m project.

Eurocoms Managing Director Dan Ford “This is a great contract win and something everyone at Eurocoms should be proud of. We have worked to secure this project for the past 12 months and are delighted to have been chosen over some of the largest cabling companies in the world. Our ability to provide a full range of solutions to our clients and our investment in training and education for our staff were vital in this process.”

Situated on a world famous waterfront, in the heart of one of the most vibrant and developing cities in Europe, Exhibition Centre Liverpool is set to become the centre of the UK’s exhibition industry. Only 2 hours from London, 90 minutes from Birmingham and 45 minutes from Manchester, it will be the North West’s newest and most exciting venue for exhibitions and events.

The Exhibition Centre Liverpool will consist of 8,100m² of space which will be sub-divisible into three pillar-free exhibition halls, which can be used separately or in combination.

Exhibition Centre Liverpool at a glance

8,100 sq metres of flexible and accessible event space

Three halls, separate sub-divisible pillar-free halls

One hall height of 18m, two halls height of 10.5m

Connected to ACC Liverpool’s existing facilities creating 15,225m2 of flexible event space

Floor ducting for exhibition services including electrics, data, water and waste

Concourse area for public access with a glazed frontage overlooking the river

Organisers office, cloakroom, business centre and catering outlets

Easily accessible for build up and load out for contractors and exhibitors

A brand new onsite quality hotel with up to 200 bedrooms, taking the number of onsite hotels rooms to over 600

For more information regarding Eurocoms and our services, please call 0800 009 6776.

Eurocoms becomes a certified Dell partner…

July 10th, 2014

Eurocoms is excited to announce that we’re now a certified Partner in the Dell Partner Program.
Investing the time and resources to gain this partner status enables us to be an even more valuable, strategic partner for you.


The benefits of being a Dell partner are numerous, and the exclusive knowledge and best-practices information we have gained better position us to deliver the best solutions for your needs.

Our Dell Partner status:

Provides you with access to Dell’s award-winning products and solutions

Enables us to offer you flexible financing programs

Allows us to align with a leader in “Green IT” and offer you energy-efficient products

Can help your business run faster, better and smarter

“We are honoured and excited to become a preferred partner of Dell,” Dan Ford, Managing Director of Eurocoms. “Our achievement of becoming a Dell Partner reflects our level of commitment to provide a full range of solutions to our clients and our investment in training, and education for our staff.”

York Art Gallery Contract Awarded to Eurocoms

July 9th, 2014

Eurocoms have been chosen to install a new ICT infrastructure at the prestigious York Art Gallery.


York Art Gallery’s collection of paintings spans more than 600 years and works range from 14th century Italian panels and 17th century Dutch masterpieces to Victorian narrative paintings and 20th century works.

The building which houses the gallery opened its doors to the public in 1879 for the second Yorkshire Fine Art and Industrial Exhibition, inspired by the Great Exhibition in London of 1851. In 1892 it became the City Art Gallery.

Working with the main M&E contractor, Eurocoms will be installing a new Brand-Rex CAT6A copper system with the Brand-Rex Blolite blown fibre system proposed for the backbone cabinet links due to the sensitivity of the building.

The project is due for completion in Spring 2015 and will open again with 60 per cent more exhibition space.

IT hardware collection, disposal and destruction service…

May 12th, 2014

it disposal


Disposal Methodology


It is estimated that over one million tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) is disposed of each year and, with this figure estimated to be growing by around 80,000 tonnes annually, it is more important than ever that this waste is disposed of properly.

Eurocoms prides itself on providing the safest, most secure, disposal solution for their clients. To ensure that this standard is met, Eurocoms will follow the below procedures and methodology for any disposal requirements for our clients.

Resource & facilities:

As well as ensuring all staff are security checked, Eurocoms also make sure that the vehicles that transit the items collected are also as safe and secure as possible. A modern fleet of Mercedes vehicles are used and range between 3.5 tonne to 18 tonne in size and are serviced regularly to ensure reliability. Along with this, each vehicle in the fleet is fitted with immobilizers and are GPS tracked as standard. Access to the online GPS tracking system can be provided to the client who can watch their equipment in transit, in real time, from collection to delivery at the Eurocoms facility.

It is important that not only the staff and vehicles carrying our client’s equipment are safe and secure, but the facility storing the equipment is too. The facility in South London is situated in a gated business park, has 24 hour CCTV and an access card entry system. For extra security, there is a steel cage inside of the facility where equipment is stored, the steel cage which is fitted with a Sentinal 6 commercial deadlock can only be accessed under supervision of one of six members of SC cleared staff who have access to the key which is located in a separate, secure room, inside of the facility.


Preparing for your disposal:

Once Eurocoms have been appointed to carry out any disposal requirements for our clients, a dedicated project manager will be provided as the main point of contact. We will also request that the client nominate a project leader(s) to whom all communication will be sent to and all instructions and decisions, including bookings, will be taken from.

When preparing for a disposal collection, Eurocoms will ask for a number of details from our client to ensure we are fully prepared and understand fully the task to be carried out. In order to gain this knowledge, we will ask for:

  • Collection address, including any site reference numbers
  • Collection contact name and number, including a second contact (where possible)
  • Collection date and requested time
  • A list of devices to be collected including make, model, serial number and asset numbers
  • Whether devices contain data or not
  • Whether hard drives need to be crushed on-site or off-site
  • Any other specific requirements needed from the client

Armed with the above information, this ensures that the risk of removing any items in error is minimal.

Once all information has been received by way of an order form, our operations team will book in the collection(s) and forward details of the staff members who will be attending site and the registration of the vehicle that will transporting the items. This e-mail will be sent to the pre-nominated contact.


The collection:

When collecting our clients goods, our team will first call the client an hour ahead of collection to let them know of their ETA. Once on site, our team will present themselves to the contact and run through the requirement to ensure the information provided is correct and that the client is fully aware of what is taken place ahead of any items being removed from site. Before asking to be shown to the equipment the team will ask whether there are any inductions to be carried out or security/safety procedures that need to be adhered to whilst onsite.

Once the team have been introduced to the client and the collection site they will then ask to be shown to the item(s) that are to be removed. Before removing any items, the team will match up the items make, model, serial number and asset number against paperwork provided, the team will repeat this process for each item collected.

Should, for any reason, the details which our team is provided with do not match the items being collected, the team will contact the project manager who will, in turn, contact the  nominated contact to inform them of the situation. If the situation is rectified by way of written confirmation that the Eurocoms team can take the item with different information then the paperwork with the team will be amended and initialled by both parties and the item will be removed from site. Without written confirmation to state otherwise, Eurocoms will not remove any items from site that do not match paperwork provided. Once it is clear that our team have all of the correct devices, each item will be packed securely to ensure its safety during transit.

If any hard drives are to be destroyed onsite, our team will unload the hard drive destroyer and explain to the client how the machine works and how it renders hard drives to become useless and unrecoverable. Once the client fully understands the hard drive destruction process the team will then destroy all hard drives provided, after having taken note of each drives make, model and serial number. All scrap from the destruction of the drives will be taken off-site to be disposed of accordingly, unless the client has specifically instructed Eurocoms to leave any waste materials onsite.

Before loading each item into its vehicle the team will ask the client to sign a collection note which will be countersigned by the team leader to show that both parties are happy with what items have been collected, how many items have been destroyed and that all services have been completed. A copy of this collection note will be left with the client and a copy will be taken away by the collection team.

Along with this collection note, the client will be asked to sign a Waste Transfer Note (WTN) to confirm that the equipment has been collected by an authorised waste handler and that the responsibility of disposing of the collected items has now passed to them.

Once all items have been loaded onto one of our GPS tracked vehicles, the item will be taken directly from collection to the facility, without stops (unless to refuel the vehicle). During this time the vehicle will never be left unattended and kept secure in the vehicle. Once the items are back at the facility, the items will be checked in by the warehouse assistant who will double check that the returning paperwork matches the items being delivered. Each item will then be labelled with a unique reference number which will be used to track the item throughout the disposal process.


The disposal process:

Once all items have been received by the warehouse and given their unique reference number, the disposal team will audit each item and record their details (make, model, serial number, asset number and unique reference number) on an electronic report. Once all of the items details have been recorded, the team will immediately remove any hard drives (or any other devices that and begin the wiping process.

All hard drives that are collected are wiped, using Paragon software, as standard whether Technimove are told if they contain data or not. The official standard to which we wipe hard drives is ‘British HMG Infosec Standard No: 5 (Enhanced)’, the definition of this is:

“The HMG Infosec Standard No: 5 specifies how government data should be destroyed. The Baseline Standard must be met when erasing PCs, which contain data up to and including ‘Restricted’. The Enhanced Standard must be met when erasing PCs, which contain data classified as ‘Confidential’ or ‘Secret’.”

During the hard drive wiping process, the Paragon software will keep a log of start time of the wiping along with the date, size of hard drive, serial number of hard drive and completion time and date.  The software will verify the wipe and the method used and this will be stated in a report at the end of the wipe. This report will confirm that the wipe has been completed to Infosec Standard No:5 and certified to HMG Enhanced.

 In the rare event that a hard drive fails to wipe correctly, this hard drive will then be physically destroyed using the methods outlined below.

 Should our client request that all hard drives are crushed, then our disposal team will destroy each hard drive using our hard drive destroyer. The hard drive destroyer punches a hole though the centre of the hard drive and destroyed all disks inside of the drive, rendering it useless. Once all hard drives have been destroyed the waste material will be locked in a secure cage until it is taken to a registered EMR metal recycling plant to be melted.

 Should for any reason (E.G – late delivery to the warehouse) hard drives are unable to be wiped/destroyed immediately, then these hard drives will be stored, separately and securely, in a cage. No hard drives will be kept in storage for more than 24 hours, as a security precaution.

 For any items that do not contain data, such as processors and RAM, all items will be recycled in accordance to the WEEE directive. Any other items that may contain data but are not hard drives will be physically destroyed, as standard. Before any items are recycled any signs of customer information will be stripped from the equipment, whether this be asset tags, PAT testing stickers or similar. When items come to being recycled and need to leave the facility then our electronic records are updated to state what parts of the original items have been dismantled or refurbished and where these items were delivered to.


Reporting and certification:

 Once all items have been fully disposed of, a certificate will be raised which will state the following information:

  • Address collected from
  • Date items were collected
  • Address items were items were disposed at
  • Date items were disposed of
  • Number of hard drives destroyed (if any) and whether this was on or offsite
  • Full audit of the equipment including make, model, serial number, asset number, number of hard drives and weight of each item.

This certificate, along with the collection note, hard drive wiping report (where applicable) and waste transfer note will then be sent to the nominated project leader within 48 hours of collection. All documents will be kept on record for future reference for up to 3 years. Should the client require copies of any documentation, a written request is to be sent to Eurocoms whereby documents will be returned within 72 hours of the request.




Eurocoms introduce a range of server relocation and logistic services…

May 12th, 2014

Eurocoms have now introduced a range of server relocation and logistic services that can be tailored to your individual requirements.

Working closely with one of our major partners, Eurocoms clients now have access to; Transition/Migration Programme Management, Transition/Migration Project Management, Physical Transition/Migration (De-commission, de-rack, pack, move, re-rack and re-commission), Infrastructure Analysis, Auditing Services, In Rack Cabling Solutions and Management, PC Rollouts, Recycling, Disposal and Destruction in line with WEEE directive and Corporate Relocation services.



Scott Rutherford, Head of Sales at Eurocoms says “Since starting at Eurocoms I wanted to get an understanding of our services and try to highlight areas within our proposition that we could expand on to benefit our clients. It is extemely important to Eurocoms that we partner with the right companies to ensure our clients are receiving the best service at a competitive price. Our new server relocation and disposal service is something that we feel a lot of our clients will benefit from, especially our Enterprise level clients with vast IT infrastructure”.

If you have a relocation requirement of any IT hardware  or if you have IT equipment that you would like to dispose of, please give our sales a call on 0800 009 6776.

Eurocoms are pleased to announce the arrival of Scott Rutherford

May 6th, 2014

Eurocoms are very pleased to welcome a new member of staff to our sales team. This new role will support our expansion plans and will enable us to widen our capabilities and operations, while also building up our customer value and service offerings.

Scott Rutherford, 36, has been appointed as our Head of Sales and will work closely with Managing Director Dan Ford to expand the current customer base in-line with the Company’s sales targets.


Scott’s experience is heavily in the hardware/storage sector. He worked as a Major Account Sales Manager for Insight UK, and most recently at CMS Distribution. During his time at CMS he supported two major projects; SAP CRM and SAP ERP deployment whilst supporting the sales teams and engaging with customers to create better working relationships, learning new skills and product knowledge regarding Storage products.

In his spare time Scott is an avid golfer and for his sins a supporter of Liverpool Football Club.

Our Managing Director, Dan Ford, said:

“Eurocoms is serious about growing its market share and expanding its capabilities; and the arrival of Scott puts us in a good position to achieve this. Scott brings a huge amount of enthusiasm for our products and services, as well as a wealth of experience and knowledge to the company and we’re very pleased to welcome him on board.”

If you have an IT hardware, cabling, telephony or security requirement, please give our sales team a call 0800 009 6776.

Eurocoms move to new Sheffield HQ

April 28th, 2014

Eurocoms are pleased to announce we have moved to a new headquarters in Sheffield. Our team has moved to a new £3m office block at the Alison Business Centre, a perfect location to meet and welcome our clients. Our new office offers a convenient location with impressive meeting room facilities for the benefit of our clients. Our old office served us very well and helped us achieve our impressive last 3 years of trading, but we are excited about our new home and the opportunities it brings.


The new office is a modern open plan space on the ground floor of a purpose built office building, 5 minutes from Sheffield City Centre and 2 minutes off the main Sheffield Parkway leading to the M1 Motorway. There were factors that forced us to move offices; Size (we have doubled our sales and support staff) and Location (our new location is closer to the majority of our clients and suppliers).

We are thankful for everyone’s support through the past few years and with the move and special thanks to Alex Davis of ABC4 Business for making the move financially viable.

Our new address is D11 Alison Business Centre, Sheffield S2 1AS and we also have a new free phone contact number 0800 009 6776.

Please do give us a call if you are within the South Yorkshire region and you have a requirement for; Data Cabling, Fibre Optics, Telephony Solutions, Wireless, Access Control and CCTV Systems. Eurocoms are here to offer impartial advice on the systems, solutions and maintenance packages that are right for you and most important at the right price.

Eurocoms double turnover and profit for 2013!

April 11th, 2014

celebrationEurocoms are proud to announce we have doubled our turnover and profits for 2013. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers and staff for a very successful year.

Eurocoms have already secured two 6 figure sums for 2014 and we are looking to expand further with larger office space and new staff members.

Our management team fully expect 2014 to be another successful year with the addition of more installation services and the introduction of our hardware reselling service.

Please do feel free to contact us if you have any network infrastructure, security, telephony or hardware requirements – 01142 835 825 / 0844 3577 678,